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What can I do to help financially with this ministry?
That's a very good question, As for our volunteers, we have asked them to raise their own support, if you know one of them, please consider sponsoring them with your support. To the best of our abilities we will give them ideas on raising support, like contacting their missionary boards at church (unfortunately to many times, we don't see people ministering in America as missionaries)
Admission for interpreters along with other hospitality are usually included.
We the Hauser family, all 7 of us will look like we've been following Phish or the Grateful Dead around the country by the time we come off the road each year and also have to raise our own support. (HELP!)
Please keep us in your prayers since our ministry continues to keep us out just about every other week for most of the year, which means we are not home earning a income to pay the bills (got to keep the rent paid). Some of our specific needs include a motorhome for sleeping as well as office use when travelling. He are also trying to develop a scholarship. So in the future we able to provide scholarships to qualified volunteers entering a sign language instructional programs.
We have asked the event hosts to pay for our expenses to and from the event along with a "love offering"  We (the Hauser's) have no plans of turning this ministry into a "living"; Our real work is counter-cult/apologetics ministry and caring for the handicapped, homeschooling and parenting.
In all seriousness though, if you are led to give to our work, great, Hands In Motion is a 501(c) 3 corp. so your gifts are tax deductible.
You can also send you donation to our address below or cantact us by phone to make a donation with your debit/credit card

We Are Not Alone!
Nine years as a federal non-profit (501c3) with a reach nationwide, we know it only works for three reasons: A great and glorious God, 120 volunteers spread across the country, often making themselves availible with very short notice, lastly people like you that lift us up in prayer and finacial support. If any of these three are missing then that "family vacation" comes to an end. Thanks for being a part of Hands In Motion, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at . . .
Hands In Motion
408 Main St.
Lohrville, IA. 51453
E-Mail: jeff(at)
Phone# 712.887.0399
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