Betty Jo Hauser
                         Betty Jo was born and grew up in southwest Iowa. Having lived the typical farm life, she went to church,
                         worked at summer camps and spent a lot of time outdoors. At the age of thirteen, BJ took her first course in
                         sign language. After two years of college, she went to work serving the handicapped community to be certain
                         of what she wanted to do for a career. Eventually she joined the military to get money to go back to school,
                         and instead of  graduating boot camp, found herself graduating to the role of motherhood. BJ had lived a
                         promiscuous youth searching for something to fill the spot that only Christ could fill. Betty Jo was a single
                         other for a year and a half, then turned back to the Savior she had known years before and found that He was
                         still, as always, there to be not only a comfort, but to become her Lord, and guide her future. When her son
                         was two, BJ married the man that God had saved for her, and started a family with him. Through the Lord's guidance the ministry of Hands In Motion soon grew from this family and they began an adventure in sign language planned for them before they had any plans for themselves. Betty Jo is a mother of six, works as a recreation assistant in a facility for developmentally disabled adults, and has the tremendous joy of traveling with her husband and children to provide sign language interpreting at many Christian events.

Areas BJ speaks on include:      
              Subject                                                                              Title
Learning to listen to God                                          "Seek Him While He May Be Found"
The importance of modesty and purity                    "Reflecting Grace"
Biblical submission                                                    "Follow The Leader"
Seeing your job as a ministry field                           "Servant Situations"
Missions to the deaf                                                  "Wearing Your Heart On Your Hands"

Jeff & Betty Jo Together
Subject                                                                              Title
Being a traveling missionary family **                     "The Never Ending Field Trip"    ** This one includes the whole
The Deaf experience***                                            "Can You Hear Me?" *** Very interactive, great for youth groups, minimum 2-3

We Are Not Alone!
Ten years as a federal non-profit (501c3) with a reach nationwide, we know it only works for three reasons: A great and glorious God, 120 volunteers spread across the country, often making themselves available with very short notice, lastly people like you that lift us up in prayer and financial support. If any of these three are missing then that "family vacation" comes to an end. Thanks for being a part of Hands In Motion, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at . . .
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We don't just sign, we speak
                 Jeff Hauser
                         Jeff was born in Omaha, Nebraska. He spent half of his youth in central Iowa and half in the "windy city" of
                         He also spent much of his youth partying and high on drugs. He played the church game, going to youth
                         groups and church, even marrying a good Christian girl. Soon after, Jeff's world came crashing down around
                         him .
                        "One afternoon I came home from work and my wife, two year old son and half the furniture was gone." On
                        January 23, 1991, as he laid on his bed he had the feeling of great fear. "For the first time in my life I was
                        alone, before I always had someone around me, friends, family, girlfriend, wife, but now I was totally alone." It
was then that he heard the still small voice of the Lord. Jeff recounts what happened next . . . I was laying there crying when the Lord said  "You have never been alone, I've been here you just haven't been listening." Jeff gave his life to Christ and is still giving his life to Christ. His ministry philosophy?  When we give our lives to Christ we make Him our Savior AND our LORD. I need to live like His slave, we all need to live more like slaves. Jeff's programs have a strong scriptural basis (full concepts, not a verse here, there and out of context), with a focus on the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The messages are simple and often full of humor.
Jeff Is the Director of Hands In Motion, he is also the Iowa Director of Midwest Christian Outreach (a counter-cult/apologetics ministry to churches nationwide). He is also a Home Educating father of five.

Areas Jeff speaks on include:   
               Subject                                                                               Title
developing your own mission                                    "Dreams Into Action"
Overcoming fear in serving                                        "But The Toilets Don't Flush!"
Wholehearted serving                                                "Slave At Heart"
Being a Christian in a post-Christian world             "Can We Legislate Morality?"
Relativism/Post-modernism                                      "So It's True For You, It's Not For Me"
Christian Apologetics                                                 " Why Do You Believe, What You Believe?"
Christianity .v. Cults                                                     "Don't All Religions Point To The Same God?"
Making church history exciting                                   "Blood Of The Martyrs, History In The Church"

Jeff & Betty Jo are available to speak with . . .

*Mission boards              *Christian schools          *Church services          *Pulpit services
                        *Youth groups          * Youth conferences                 *Home Educators conferences
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