Our Geography Includes Your Festival!

Hands In Motion Inc. would like to propose a way we can help make your festival more accessible to the deaf community.
As a family, we regularly attended several of the Christian fests, and we began to see that events like these increasingly have  a lot more than music to offer, such as lectures, arts and evangelism. As a response to this, the Hands In Motion ministry team was developed, a ministry of providing interpretation for those in the deaf and hard of hearing community who wish to attend your festivals. We see this as a great opportunity to provide others with the fellowship and outreach we enjoy.
Here is what our ministry entails. We have seen God's leading in this ministry from the start. We've recruited many interpreters throughout the United States who are willing to volunteer their skills and time to reach the deaf community and co-minister within your festival.
We focus on Christian music, arts and personal Christian growth events.  Our goal is to make these events fully accessible to the deaf community. All of our interpreters are volunteers and all we ask you for is  tickets for volunteers and the same type of hospitality you offer your speakers and bands and hopefully a small love offering (if the Lord blesses your festival, bless us).We will even handle all the details (minus ticket sales) with the deaf community that are attending. All you have to do is have your web master "right click" on the Hands In Motion button below and paste it to your web-page (don't forget to cut and paste the HTML also). Feel free to re-size the image to fit your space.
Drop us an E-mail and we'll send you a more detailed outline of our plans for your festival .
Jeff Hauser, Director, Hands In Motion, Inc.

We Are Not Alone!
Fifteen years as a federal non-profit (501c3) with a reach nationwide, we know it only works for three reasons: A great and glorious God, 120 volunteers spread across the country, often making themselves availible with very short notice, lastly people like you that lift us up in prayer and finacial support. If any of these three are missing then that "family vacation" comes to an end. Thanks for being a part of Hands In Motion, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at . . .

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