To Our Deaf Friends

Hands In Motion is a mission team of volunteers who have chosen to provide sign language interpreting at festivals and events. Initially, we began serving at Christian Arts festivals, but we are open to any outreach opportunities we are called to. Our mission is to do whatever we can to integrate the Deaf and HOH into these events that have been such a blessing to us. Many of these festivals just aren't suitable (tough terrain) for much of those with physical limitations, but it is ideally suited for the deaf community. There tends to be some misconceptions about these fests in that they are "music fests only" Beyond the fellowship, there are wonderful seminars, speakers and arts. All these thing will challenge you in your walk with Christ or bring you to a place where you will get to know Him.
Hands In Motion is a team that saw a need and has asked the Lord how we can serve. We raise our own support and are not paid by any organization.
Not all of the interpreters we have are professional, but all are able to help ease communication and offer friendship to you. We will show you around,
assist you in your communication with vendors, lectures and Lord willing music interpretation.
*We only ask that you be patient with us since there will be all levels of signing skills involved.
1) If you are deaf or hoh, we ask you to contact us if you have an interest in any festival or
    event that does not have sign language interpreters. And tell your friends also!
2) Let the event organizers know that you're coming and have them contact us. (We will
    do everything we can to meet your needs, at no cost or obligation)
3) Pray! For this to work we really need your prayers (since none of our interpreters are paid and
    in some cases will incur some expense traveling and staying at these events, pray that the Lord
    meets their needs)
4) If you wish to support this outreach, we are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.
5) If there is a way we can help you that is not addressed here, please contact us.
Hands In Motion
408 Main St.
Lohrville, IA. 51453
E-Mail: jeff(at)
Cell# 712.887.0399
Skype: lohrville

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