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Hands In Motion
You Should See What We Hear!
We Are In The House!

We have been contacted by conference developers and coordinators over the years, wanting to know if we would be willing to bring Hands In Motion
to indoor venues.
We are happy to minister in just about any setting, first we ask that your program must be consistant with our "Statement of Faith" and focused
on evangelism, discipleship or apologetics. We work in a very narrow field because it's not our desire to take work away from professional interpreters. If you are a Christian ministry or a non-profit organization, you are not required by law to provide interpreters, but ask yourself should we?
We at Hands In Motion realize that in most cases specialized conferences operate on very tight budgets and the thought of spending hundreds
of dollars a day to invite in professional interpreters is not very appealing, but at the same time you would love to invite this under-ministered to group to your conferences. Well we're thinking like you, we want them there also, so we're reaching out to them, through you!
Please make sure you contact us as far in advance as possible to give us time to recruit interpreters, you will need to take care of the interpreter/interpreters registration for your event, occasional housing cost and we ask that you treat them with the same hospitalities you would a speaker or musical group.We also ask that you consider making a love offering to Hands In Motion, after all the conference right before your's may not have been as generous.
Hands In Motion is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit org.
If we can be of any help to you and your outreach, please contact us.

We Are Not Alone!
Nine years as a federal non-profit (501c3) with a reach nationwide, we know it only works for three reasons: A great and glorious God, 120 volunteers spread across the country, often making themselves availible with very short notice, lastly people like you that lift us up in prayer and finacial support. If any of these three are missing then that "family vacation" comes to an end. Thanks for being a part of Hands In Motion, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at . . .

Hands In Motion
408 Main St
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Hands In Motion is a Federally Recognized 501(c)3