Meet The H.I.M. Board Of Directors . . .

Mrs. Carla Coon  (President)
Carla is the newest member of the Hands In Motion Board of Directors. Is an avid educator, artist, wife, mother and playground police officer. Carla was also the coordinator of the "kid Zone" at H.I.M.'s music festival "REALFest" in 2014
Carla is a born again hippy, with a garden, rabbits, cows, horses, pigs, goats and chickens. We are honored to have such a passionate person serving with us.

Mrs. Amanda Friedl

Amanda has been a member of the Hands In Motion Board for 5 years now. She's another person with way too much to do. Amanda is a wife, teacher, mother (and that's a understatement) and grandmother. She and Brian are the parents of 19 great kids. She work with  Group Publishing as a speaker and trainer on topics such as adoption and children's ministry. Amanda and her husband, Brian, also work with  Young Life. Amanda serves as our fund raising coordinator and is also a another gifted idea person.

Mrs. Betty Jo Hauser (Secretary)
Betty Jo is our Secretary for Hands In Motion. She is the wife of the director (Jeff), and mother of the same 6 kids. BJ helps keep things "organized" and keeps up on current issues in the communities we serve. She works with mentally challenged adults, lifeguards, answers algebra and reading questions, and dreams up home improvement projects in case she finds spare time.. BJ is a speaker on several subjects (just ask!) and loves the opportunities to help sign with Hands In Motion.

Mr. Jeff Hauser (Director)
Jeff Hauser is the Director of Hands In Motion. He oversees the day to day operations including recruiting volunteers, finding new events and event development. He is also a speaker on various topics from Mission development to Church history. In the last few years his ministry with Hands In Motion has grown into counseling artists in the field and acting as an advisor to new festivals and conferences. In the rare event he's not on the road he is home, schooling his 6 kids.

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